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The Top 10 Look Better Naked Foods

By Michele Promaulayko with Maura Rhodes

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I know what you’re thinking: yuck, a diet. The d-word word has rather evil connotations — hunger, deprivation, and drudg- ery, to name just a few. Then there are also the major inconveniences of not really being able to eat at restaurants or meet friends for after-work drinks. Evil, indeed. Fortunately, the Look Better Naked eating plan requires none of those things. The only catch: You’ll have to hit the supermarket and spend a little time in the kitchen, but probably no more than you would have otherwise. The majority of the ingredients in this diet are included not just for their weight-loss or palate-pampering properties. Look Better Naked foods have natural elements that will enhance your appearance — by targeting belly fat, plumping up skin cells, “glowifying” your complexion, adding lustre to your hair, strengthening your nails, and even protecting you from illness. Get a super-sexy body in six weeks.

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The Mona LISA

The Mona LISA