Do Or Don’t: Christina Ricci’s Thoroughly Modern Cleavage?

Here at styleswept, we have discussed how cleavage is a pretty big deal for the upcoming fall season (Marc Jacobs even enlisted a slew of Victoria’s Secret angels to fill up his ladylike corset dresses at Louis Vuitton) and we have even debated the merits of the sideboob. Today, however, I present to you a new genre of cleavage for your consideration. May I introduce to you “the undercarriage” courtesy of Christina Ricci. Check it out after the jump.

While we are used to seeing a hint of undercarriage trying to make a break for it on beaches around the globe, I believe this is the first time it has made an appearance at such a formal event. Ricci, decked-out in a rather gothic black lace Givenchy frock, looked on the verge of a nip-slip at a recent party honouring the label’s designer, Riccardo Tisci, at the Museum of Modern Art. Thoroughly modern indeed Ms. Ricci!

I have to say that the dress itself is kind of growing on me. Ricci is looking smoking hot these days and this look is a bit of an homage to Wednesday Addams, which certainly suits the actresses’ pale skin/dark hair esthetic. Of course, a bra would have affected the lines of the dress, but that is an awful lot of the girls to have on display in public, non? Call me a prude, but perhaps this is one dress that would be better left on the runway or on lady with less womanly endowments?

Let’s discuss: What do you think of Ricci’s display of “the undercarriage”? Is this a do or a don’t in your books? Think this look will replace the more openly embraced plunging necklines in young Hollywood’s hearts or is it a one-off look? Is the undercarriage better or worse than the display of sideboob?  Sound off below!

By: Meghan

Photo Credit: Splashnews 

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