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  • 58 Heather S. Ingemar 26/04/2010 at 19:15BTW, Kenzie, MAJOR CONGRATS on being a WordPress Featuree. *hugs*

  • 60 youssefyou 26/04/2010 at 19:58Hi, I am George Youssef and I introduced the islamic bak to google since 2007. Now it is on Facebook and twitter with evidence. Go to for the proof as well as my contacts in Toronto, canada. I am still looking for funding. I have 2 full DVDs of evidence to post; I mean this is for everyone right. Muslims are baks and they make others like them and they use the T to shut them up like in horror movies. Muslims create by their bak and vice versa. The Islamis Bak created Muslims.Thank you for reading my message not for hate and not for mania either.

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